Server Rules(必ずお読みください)

By joining our server, you agree with our server rules. Our server rules are no spam, no cheats, no ads, not to disrespect players/the server ifself/admins, no racism, no harrassment (This includes race, sexual orientation, religion, mental health, etc.), no abuse of glitches exploits, no griefings, interfering other player’s gaming experience (including but not limited to kill farms or keep switching teams), any kind of automated operation, no scumming or even attempting (including but not limited to trading bugged, duped, or unfunctional items), exploits or bugs and not to steal our resources including but not limited to our resource packs, the maps, or designs, begging/approaching to use the real money stuff to our staff (such as, but not limited to donator items) or even other players, and using multiple accounts (including the accounts of your friends or asking your friends to earn any kind of bonuses) for playing in our server. These rules are just baselines. We also ask you what to do and what to do not in the process of server operations when necessary; you have to agree with it.

Broadcasting or making videos while playing our server is allowed without asking for us You can also advertise your broadcasting URL in our chat or discord server. But please make sure you are not spamming same sentence over and over every 30 seconds as nobody likes it.

Rules are strictly enforced. Violating ONE of those rules will be result in a timed or permanent ban (on yourself, and all of your parties if it is necessary), and we will NEVER listen to your unban petitions.